Our delicious milk chocolate pops with a high cocoa content will delight you every day with its unique taste and beautiful design.

Artfully crafted dark chocolate (70% cocoa) in a gift box designed to surprise you and your loved ones at the important moments of life.

Our history started in 2014 thanks to our love for good chocolate and desire to turn it into truly amazing and realistic products.

Today, IronChoco has grown from a small workshop

to a full-scale chocolate manufacturing company, maintaining our core principles of using the finest ingredients and manually controlling all processes to ensure high standards of taste, texture and appearance in each set.


Here you will find our best of the best collection of gourmet handcrafted chocolate.

Amazing chocolate gifts, assorted chocolates and handmade hot chocolate – original, useful and delicious gifts for all occasions.

Set # 21 Two wrenches with bolt and nut. Life sized. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 180 gr.

Set # 27 Large set of chocolate tools. Life sized.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 380 gr.

Set # 22 Chocolate gun with bullets. Life sized.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 380 gr.

Set # 22G Golden chocolate gun. Life sized.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 375 gr.

Set # 23 Set of 5 chocolate bullets. Real sized.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 125 gr.

Set # 25 Set of 5 chocolate bolts and nuts. Real sized. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Weight 125 gr.

Set # 40 Chocolate gold bars set.

 Assorted dark and milk chocolate. Weight 75 gr.

Set # 56 Hot chocolate flowers and hearts.

 Milk chocolate (40% cocoa). Weight 330 gr.

Set # 54R Hot chocolate red roses on a stick.

Milk chocolate (40% cocoa). Weight 220 gr.

Set # 54 Hot chocolate golden roses on a stick.

Milk chocolate (40% cocoa). Weight 220 gr.


Dark chocolate

All of our rusty chocolates are made

with delicious dark chocolate

(70% cocoa). Intense dark, full-bodied chocolate with medium sweetness and a delicious chocolate flavor.

A timeless classic in modern design for chocolate lovers. To make the experience of the gift brighter, we have packed our chocolates in a stylish gift box with great care and attention to detail.

Our dark chocolate is vegan and dairy free.

Milk chocolate

Our milk chocolate is rich and creamy with high cocoa content (40%). Therefore, chocolate has a pronounced cocoa flavor, which is perfectly combined with the tenderness of milk in the composition. We use this chocolate for our hot chocolate sticks, which are a combination of milk chocolate, airy marshmallow and spiced cocoa.

You can dissolve them in hot milk to get hot chocolate, add them to tea or coffee as chocolate stirrers, or just eat them like candy straight from the stick.


Even the most sophisticated chocolate lover cannot hide his surprise by trying our chocolate. Selected cocoa and proven ingredients of the highest quality are used to make chocolate treats. Each chocolate set is handmade by us, so it is as unique as the people for whom it is intended. It's all about the craftsmanship and quality of workmanship that we put into every detail.

If you are interested in carrying our line at your store, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Email: info@ironchoco.net

Phone: +1(224) 716-3255

Mail address: 1738 Wendy Way, Neenah, WI, 54956

Fell free to contact us with questions or comments by e-mail or via contact form below.

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